Service Loaner Policy

Service Loaner Policy

Motor Werks Barrington Service Loaner Policy

For the convenience of our clients, Motor Werks of Barrington provides Complimentary Loaners vehicles to any customer who purchased their vehicle through Motor Werks of Barrington.

Our Complimentary Loaners vehicles are provided on an appointment basis. In the case of an emergency, we cannot guarantee a Complimentary Loaner, but we will try to accommodate our clients whenever possible.

To be able to continue to make Complimentary Loaner vehicles available to our customers, the following policies must be strictly enforced:

  • We cannot guarantee any specific model of loaner available on any given day – we will try our best to accommodate but there is no guarantee
  • A loaner vehicle is provided for service or repairs that exceed 3 hours or more.
  • We do not provide loaner vehicles for sublet work – rim repairs, scratch/dent work, window tint, body work, details.
  • We do not provide loaner vehicles for Zurich Shield installation.
  • The driver of the loaner vehicle must be at least 21 years of age.
  • You must provide a valid driver’s license, insurance card, and credit card at the time of your appointment to be able to receive a complimentary loaner vehicle.
  • The Complimentary Loaner vehicle can only be driven by the driver on the user agreement.
  • Complimentary loaner vehicles cannot exceed 100 miles a day nor can they be taken out of the state.
  • The vehicle must be returned the same day the service is completed or before 8AM the following day.
  • Loaner vehicles provided on Saturday’s must be returned by the end of the day Saturday.

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Fuel Useage– Daily Mileage Usage – Responsible Speed Agreement

Our Complimentary Loaners are equipped with a Vehicle Systems Monitoring Transmitter. This device will record and transmit vehicle information regarding the fuel level before and after, distance the vehicle traveled and if the vehicle exceeded acceptable legal speed limits, while in the possession of our guests. This monitoring system is used to calculate any fuel costs to our guests, in the event the fuel has not been replenished. Payment for fuel shortage will be billed and paid when guests return to pick up their vehicle. Fuel is billed at $10.00 per US gallon. Guests exceeding 100 miles per day, or exceeding the acceptable speed limits, will be at risk of losing the privilege of Complimentary Loaner use. $100 late fee for Courtesy Vehicles not returned within 24 hours of the initial vehicle completion call.

No Smoking & No Pets

No smoking or pets are allowed in our Complimentary Loaners. Violating this policy will result in a $125.00 restoration fee. You are responsible for any damage or injury caused while in possession of a Complimentary Loaner. You are responsible for all fines for traffic, I-Pass, or parking violations while in possession of our Complimentary Loaner.

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